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BSU-33 Fin Assemblies

BSU-33 Fin Assemblies

Product Uses

BSU-33 Fins are general purpose fin assemblies for 500 lb. general purpose bombs. They are the smaller "cousin" of the MK-84 conical fin. Delfasco specializes in the stamping, machining and finishing of these fin assemblies. The BSU-33 and subassemblies are fabricated from steel, cut, formed, machined, assembled and welded to Military Specifications and drawing requirements.

Product Features

  • Used where un-guided bombs are not needed such as carpet type bombing.
  • Maintains form, fit and function with current BSU-33 fuses, guidance packages and tail kits.
  • Optimum stabilization of 500 lb. payloads.
  • Designed to maximize stability while minimizing costly drag.

Product Benefits

  • Interchangeable with varying 500 lb. payloads for exceptional flexibility.
  • Powder coating provides increased durability.

Significant Accomplishments

Delfasco is the only supplier fully tooled to produce the BSU-33 fin and was instrumental in getting powder coating for this fin approved by the US Navy.